Níku is a consciously curated selection of vintage and pre-loved goods.

We are inspired by a minimalist approach to fashion and hand-select pieces that can be worn over and over again in your wardrobe. Daily essentials and staple pieces are our "thing," but we also love sourcing those statement pieces you'll never want to take off.

We are so grateful you're here and hope you find something you love as much as we do.



The name Níku originates from a Polish nickname given to me by my family, the inspiration behind this shop.

Níku was inspired by my grandmother, who spent the majority of her life as a seamstress in Poland. My grandmother took both my mother and me to vintage shops and thrift stores from the time I could walk, which today remains one of my earliest memories in life.
My grandmother embodied the meaning of slow fashion. I grew up watching her hunched over her sewing machine, breathing new life into pieces she sourced at vintage shops nearby. She was my first inspiration and introduction to the world of slow fashion, long before it ever grew into the movement it is today.
Níku is my passion project of helping society move towards a more sustainable, less wasteful future in fashion, and your choice to support this shop and movement truly means the world to me. 
Much love ♡